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Terms & Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions
In these conditions, 'the Company' means ELGATE PRODUCTS LIMITED and 'the Customer' means the purchaser of goods from the Company. No variation of these conditions shall be valid or applicable unless agreed in writing by the Company.

If goods not received, please advise the Company by telephone or fax 2 days after receipt of invoice, this must also be confirmed by letter, to reach the Company within the next 7 days.

Any damaged or lost items must be notified in writing to the Carriers and the Company within 2 days of receipt of invoice. The goods must be retained by the Customer until examined by the Carriers representative. No claim for damage or loss in transit can be accepted unless the above instructions are strictly complied with. The customer will be asked to sign a copy of the company's carriers delivery manifest as acknowledgement of receipt of goods. The customer should inspect the goods carefully as an unqualified signature shall be deemed to signify the customers acceptance that the goods are in good condition.

If the customer alleges that the goods are in any way defective, notice must be given to the Company by recorded delivery of post. Written notice must specify the alleged defect within 10 days of receipt of the goods, or such period as the Company may consider reasonable in the circumstances. The Company shall not be liable for any defect unless it is so notified. If the Customer gives notice as aforesaid and can prove that the goods were defective at the time of delivery (unless such defect was caused by damage in transit) the Company shall be entitled, at its option:
a) to accept the return of the goods in accordance with the final sentence hereof;
b) to replace the goods within a reasonable time of the date (if any) of the order or delivery thereof, or
c) to make to the Customer a reasonable allowance in respect of any such defect.

4. RETURN OF GOODS (In relation to conditions 2 and 3)
The Customer may return goods to the Company WITHIN SIX MONTHS OF THEIR RECEIPT ONLY and with the prior agreement by a duly authorised officer of the Company. The Company may at its option collect the goods or require the Customer to return the goods by a reputable Carrier provided that the Customer shall notify the Company forthwith by recorded delivery of post of the date of return of the goods and provide the name, address and reference of the Carrier.
If the Customer shall not comply strictly with these conditions, then if any goods are lost or damaged in transit, the Customer shall be liable for such loss or damage and shall indemnify the Company against such loss.

The Company does not guarantee that it will comply with any delivery date specified on an order and shall not be responsible for any delay in transit between the Company's premises and the Customer's premises. In the event that deliveries from the Company's suppliers shall be delayed for whatever reason, such reason being beyond the Company's control, the Company shall not be responsible for any liability or obligation to the Customer or any Third Party.

(a) On delivery to the customer of any goods agreed to be sold by the Company to the customer the customer shall become the bailee thereof and the legal title thereto shall be retained by the Company as Bailor, Legal title in the goods shall not pass to the customer unless and until the customer shall have discharged all its indebtedness to the Company in respect of goods.
(b) Notwithstanding the terms of (a) above the customer shall be entitled before discharging its obligations to the Company to resell the goods or any of them. Upon such resale and without derogating from the Company's other remedies (including its right to trace) the customer shall hold the proceeds of sale upon trust for the Company until such time as all the customer's indebtedness to the Company under any contract sale entered into between them or otherwise shall have been discharged.

The Company reserves the right to re-negotiate the price of goods if there is a fluctuation of the currency of the country of supply and Sterling, the relevant period for measurement of such fluctuation being between the date of the order and the date of importation by the Company.

Where offered, settlement discount will only be allowed on payments received within 3 days of settlement date. Settlement date is the invoice date plus number of settlement days offered.

We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms.

If, by reason of items to be returned, part payment of an invoice is withheld awaiting collection of goods or Credit Note, the BALANCE of that invoice MUST be paid by the due date. No offset against other payments/invoices due to the company is allowed. The company does not accept any claim for consequential loss howsoever caused.

The Company reserves the right to charge carriage on orders placed if under £500.00, excluding V.A.T. or to the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.

The Company reserves the right to pass on to the Customer any bank charges for transactions due to non-clearance of cheques.

Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice or delivery of goods.
By completing an application for credit account facilities, the Company will take this as your authority to take up references to satisfy itself as to the extent of credit to be granted, we may also share this information with other providers of credit checking services and/or the Giftware Association. Any CANCELLATIONS MUST BE BY WRITTEN INSTRUCTION WITHIN 14 DAYS. These conditions are the contract between the customer and the company and shall be subject to and construed in accordance with English law.
Elgate Products Limited representatives/agents are not authorised to modify any part of this agreement. No variation of these conditions shall be binding unless expressly agreed in writing and signed by a main board director of Elgate Products Limited.



Elgate Products Limited GDPR Policy Details and Procedures

Elgate is a controller of personal data.
Personal data is received by Elgate, either directly into our management system MS Dynamics NAV by the client via our web-site or by other forms (sales/purchase order, e-mail, telephone, trade show contact form etc.) and is inputted into MS Dynamics NAV and/or MS Office 365 manually. This information is used solely by Elgate to carry out the service we provide, including support and feedback. This is classified as “information necessary to fulfil the terms of a contract”.

Elgate only holds personal information provided by clients within the MS Dynamics NAV and MS Office 365 software systems. We will hold the data for as long as is required to provide the contracted services. Elgate’s policy is to delete all unrequired personal data.

Detailed information on how we manage and store data is listed below in policy details and procedures.

Data and application storage.
All data is stored in the UK, on dedicated servers located in our site in Broadstairs. These are backed up using a BDR solution and managed our IT partner.

Data transfer policy
We do not transfer data between data centres outside of the EU or EEA.

Data Protection Officer
Elgate has a nominated Data Protection Officer and policies and procedures in place to ensure access to their customer’s data is protected. For further information, please contact GDPR@elgate.co.uk.

Data controls and risk management processes.
Elgate has a comprehensive secure development and data protection policy in place as well as many physical, procedural and software-based methods to protect any data hosted by our software processing partners. This includes

  • Dedicated firewalls which block all except essential ports from accessing our servers.
  • A process of regular automated scanning for security vulnerabilities by an accredited PCI Automated Scanning Vendor (ASV)
  • Ensuring that all access to our systems is performed over SSL using perfect forward secrecy where supported by the client web browser. Our SSL configuration is tested regularly using a third-party SSL strength tester.
  • All remote access from our offices is performed over encrypted links.
  • Our local network is configured with strong passwords and automatic lockouts
  • All servers are configured with intrusion detection systems which track a number of suspicious events such as: remote logon outside normal hours, software installation, service modifications, etc.
    Information is stored only in our MS Dynamics NAV and MS Office 365 Software systems and personal information used for completing work activity is not held outside of the system.

Access to data
All operational staff from Elgate have access to MS Dynamics NAV and MS Office 365 software databases. Some customers have password protected logons to our web-site with access to their information only.

Security breach notification process.

All production servers and our development offices are set up with a custom intrusion detection system that monitors a number of key events. These include

  • Modification of firewall rules
  • VPN access to the office
  • Login to the production systems outside work hours
  • Installation of software
  • Updates to Windows Services
  • Addition and modification of users and user groups

Upon detection of any of these events, our support team is immediately notified by email and will investigate. Windows event logs are expanded in size on all production systems to allow us to further investigate any potential breach and once the impact is known, clients would be notified immediately.

Staff are also required to notify the DPO immediately if they think that any passwords or physical access tokens they use to access either production systems or our internal network have been compromised. This includes keys to the office, key cards for the office, network passwords and production server passwords.

Auditing security and technical measures on the protection of data.
We are happy to provide our clients with access to our data protection policy and if necessary, arrange for an audit at Elgate head office at the client’s own cost.

Elgate Password and Training Policy
It is Elgate policy to change passwords on a regular basis and provide training as required on policy changes.

Binding Corporate Rules
Elgate do not perform intra-organisational transfers of personal data across borders and as such do not follow Binding Corporate Rules.

Registered No: 101 3962 London, England Registered Office: Delandale House, 37 Old Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent CT1 3JF

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