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75307-000 TfL White Map Adult Face Mask w/Filters

Elgate Products are officially licensed producers and suppliers of Transport for London face masks and coverings. These are non-medical, civil use only masks and face covers and not to be used as a replacement for personal protective equipment (PPE) or a replacement for other recommended measures and guidelines put in place to combat the spread of infectious diseases.

These reusable face masks and covers are designed to help catch and trap potentially harmful particles and bacteria. Washing and care instructions are included on the packaging and on the sew in labels of each mask.

For added filtration, certain masks either include or have the capacity to fit PM2.5 replaceable filters. The PM of PM2.5 means “particulate matter” and refers to the tiny airborne hazards the filter is protecting against. The 2.5 relates to the size of particles this filter offers protection against, which in this instance is 2.5 microns - put into perspective, this is half the size of a red blood cell or nearly 30 times smaller than the diameter of the average human hair. These filters therefore help protect against some bacteria, combustion, dust and pollen particles.

Reusable Mask with Filters

These double layered face mask come packed with two PM2.5 replaceable filters offering a further third layer of protection against harmful particles. The mask consists of a soft, comfortable and fully breathable cotton inner layer and a vibrant colour printed polyester fabric outer layer. This is finished with a neat piped edging and elasticated ear loops for a tight and secure fit around the face.

We offer masks sized for adult use and smaller masks suitable for children from 5 years of age upwards


Each mask, including filters, comes packed on a backing card and within a protective polybag. The masks are supplied in a branded card counter display unit holding 36 masks.



Stock level IN STOCK
Sold in multiples of 36
Dimensions 16 cm
Min Order 36

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